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Pamper Samplers

"As awesome who's suffered from extreme muscle pain most of her life, I can honestly say that Peppy-Mint is the most relaxing product I own. A little pinch is a hot bath is enough to calm it down for the rest of the day." ~ Lainey, LA

"I don't normally take baths, so I didn't think I would use bath salts. But these were fantastic as a foot soak after a long day on my feet." ~ Darci, FL

"I love coming home and taking a bath with Splash after a long, hot day. It has a really light, summery feel to it!" ~ Lainey, LA

"Out of all the scents available, this my favorite. It's a fresh 'at the beach ' feel." ~ Darci, FL

"This scrub is amazing at smoothing out my skin! Bonus: It smells delicious (like coconut)." ~ Lainey, LA

"This scrub is the best I've used for those tiny little bumps along the backs of my arms. My skin is left feeling smooth and well moisturized." ~ Vicky, FL
"The Mini Heart Lotion Bars completely healed my skin after years of being sensitive and red! They worked better than anything else I've tried." ~ Lainey, LA

"I've never heard of a lotion bar, before these that I was a believer after one use. I keep one home, one in my purse and one in my desk as the office. Whenever the urge strikes, I'll rub a bar in between my palms and immediately rub it on my elbows. I've had severe eczema on my elbows since my teens and it's the first time since I was a kid that the skin on my elbows is smooth and soft. A friend at work tried it and immediately ordered 5 sets." ~Phyllis, FL
"The Cucumber Lotion - I love the way it smells and it makes my skin soft all day." ~Brenda, FL

"I love using these every night before bed. I just smooth one over any dry spots and when I wake up, my skin feels silky smooth again." ~ Lainey, LA

Oatmeal Skin Soothing Bath Teas

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