Friday, January 2, 2015

Making It Count - Donating Product to Domestic Violence Survivors

Dear Contributors, Followers and Customers,
I am writing a longer post than usual to fix a wrong from 2014.

I am addressing the contributors who've mailed in multiple samples of their AMAZING products to be a part of a new branch within For Sanity's Sake Products called Pamper Samplers. Sadly, it was unsuccessful. I've also received hurtful letters via e-mail about what kind of person I am, such as ripping companies off and I assure you, that's not who I am - I'm determined to make it right!

How do I make up for the loss of money that companies spent to contribute to a product that was unsuccessful?
1st - I've apologized to the companies individually when the product sunk and I apologize again publically. The risk was explained before the first Pamper Sampler was organized. Every company, including my own lost money. You have to lose money, to make money. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case in this situation.
2nd - While the Pamper Samplers have slowly been selling (even with dropping the price dramatically.) They are no longer available.
3rd - I took on MUCH more than I could handle...I was also six months pregnant and already a high-risk.
If you haven't already heard, the Pamper Samplers were unsuccessful. Instead of losing the opportunity of spreading your businesses through our Samplers throughout the United States, I have donated the remaining sample sized products from the following companies to Safe House of Seminole in Seminole County, Florida.
Why Safe House of Seminole? It hits very close to home to me personally. While being able to say I am a Survivor of Domestic Violence, your donations will help these individuals feel a sense of hope and care during their toughest times. During my time of struggle, I was unaware that Safe House existed and moved on without feeling that sense of hope. After making the donation, I felt like I made the right decision.

Please feel that you've donated your amazing products to help someone feel better about themselves, instead of feeling betrayed and ripped off because you didn't make a buck.
Meredith Crawley
For Sanity's Sake Products


  1. I never felt betrayed. I hope that you are doing well. I'm glad that my samples are going to a good cause. Many Blessings, dear :-)

  2. I have seen your dedication and hard work first hand and I am proud to have your products in my store. hopefully 2015 will bring better luck,