Sunday, November 3, 2013

Silent Auction #1

Hello Everyone,

Today, there was a silent auction as a local high school for their Drama department. They are having a Dracula play with a twist...Dracula is a girl! So, I decided to whip up a basket of goodies for their silent auction.

You'll have to excuse my coffee bar behind the basket. The basket of goodies contained fuzzy socks, a pedicure kit, 8 oz Lavender-PeppyMint Foot Scrub and 8 oz Lavender-PeppyMint Foot Lotion. The basket sold for $30.

This was obviously a custom order that I whipped up a few hours before packaging it. If you would like to purchase this, please e-mail me for more information and I'll make more and make them available on our Etsy page!


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