Friday, October 18, 2013


Hello Everyone,

Has anyone ever been excited and scared all rolled into one? I'm like that right now. I am attending my first EVER event for my shop on the 26th...the countdown has begun!!!

(I apologize for my dirty carpet)

After I got home today, I had two packages waiting at my door! Eek! The last part of the jars/caps for my Signature Scrubs and our new Banner for our events has arrived.

A new item that has recently been added to our Etsy shop is our Gift Wrapping, just in time for the holidays.

I currently have roughly $2,000+ worth of product sitting in my living room (I will take a picture of the set up before the event). I am finishing up the Pecan Pie Scrubs tonight, as well as finish packaging the Signature Scrubs.

I am waiting for Cocoa Butter to arrive any day now so I can make a large batch of Mini Heart Lotion Bars of various scents.

Once everything is packaged and priced...once my tables are set up and decorated (in my living room) and pictures are taken, I will write another post about the Before and After of my first event.

Until then...

Have a good week everyone!


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