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A Little About Me ~ Owner of For Sanity's Sake Products

Hello Everyone,

As promised from my "Speed Bumps" post, I will try to be answering all of your unanswered questions...Who is she? What's her background? She's just a kid, what kind of experience could she have? etc.

First of all, this post was inspired by the hurtful and unprofessional comments I received on Etsy from various peers who I contacted to participate in an upcoming product in January. I won't be naming names or even companies, as I respect everyone starting their businesses from scratch.


I'm Meredith Crawley. Owner of For Sanity's Sake Products; a natural bath and body product line. While this business is still fairly new and I am still learning, I have high hopes and I have set reasonable goals for myself.

I am also the Owner of Beauty O'holic, a beauty blog that talks about anything and everything beauty. Beauty O'holic is always looking for creative writers who want to get their name into the beauty world, whether you're an intern trying to land a dream job or into cosmetology, I'm more than happy to help you achieve your goals. For more information, you can go to the blog - click here. I currently have 10+ writers.

Both of my businesses started out as personal hobbies. I have been making soap products for my friends as holiday gifts since I was 14, with the help of my mother. I have always been fascinated by professional makeup artists and wondered who helped them, if anyone, get to where they are today. I, however, was not one for playing in their mother's makeup growing up.

On top of two of my own businesses, I also work part-time for a non-lethal product company. What does that mean? I work for a manufacturing company that sells pepper spray, tasers, asps, etc. Why work for them? Let's me explain a little more about my background...


I'm not going to label what I did each year, but over the past 12 years (including high school), I have earned a wide range of acknowledgements, awards, degrees and certificates. I can brag about myself, can't I?

I was on the Ladies Varsity Weightlifting Team, weight class 129 - lower body lifting max of 210 and upper body lifting max of 180. We placed in States.

I placed 5th in Regional's for Business Professionals of America (I'm very computer oriented and 4th place would have taken me to State's).

I have an A.S. degree in Criminal Justice Technology, a Specialist Certificate in Criminal Justice Technology, a Certificate in Homeland Security. I have also graduated from the local police academy. I have willingly been pepper-sprayed (it was a requirement for the police academy) and received a Certificate for it, as well as a certificate for Dart Stun-Gun (taser).

While my degrees are in the Criminal Justice field, I believe what I have learned has also taught me perseverance and organization, which will contribute to my success in my own business, while helping others to achieve theirs. My time management skills are quite sharp having to juggle work, volunteering, classes and therapy over the last several years.


While preparing for the police academy, I was in a relationship where I learned what it meant to be a victim of Domestic Violence. I was one of the lucky ones and got out.

During the police academy, they test your limits - to see how badly you really want it, I assume. Think of it as a miniaturized version of military boot camp. My level of toughness went through the roof after I dislocated my arm, had a bruise from wrist to elbow, sliced my hand open on rusty monkey bars, had several severe concussions and nearly broke my nose but kept going.

A question everyone still asks me "Why would you sacrifice your life?" It's who I am, plain and simple. I will still protect my brothers and sisters in blue; that will never change. 

Unfortunately, 6 months after I graduated I was in a car accident that killed the dream of ever being a police officer. I have 7 discs in my back that were shifted in some way or form. It has been 2+ years since the accident and I am still seeking treatment for pain relief; the neurosurgeon hasn't ruled out surgery.

I come from a long line of public servants. I currently volunteer at a local police department and I enjoy giving back as much as I can to the community. For those in the military, law enforcement, corrections, fire department, dispatchers, EMT/paramedics and nursing fields - thank you for your service.

Q & A's

How did I get from Law Enforcement to owning two businesses that are the complete opposite?

I already knew how to make soap, so I just picked up where I left off. But, not after visiting a few places to have some questions answered. I visited the bank and the tax office first, among other places.

How old are you?

Ladies, never reveal their age, however, I don't mind answering. I'm 27, but look almost identical to my 20 year old sister (even sometimes younger). How do I look young?  Genetics. Sorry, there is no special cream you could buy from me.

Do you have children?

No, but I want them. Some people have a set number of how many they want "when they grow up", I'll take what I'm given. Ideally, I would like boys, because I was a handful as a kid.

If there are any questions, that I haven't answered...bring 'em on!


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