Thursday, August 1, 2013

...and More Products are ready to hit Etsy

That's right! Just like the title says...more products are about to hit Etsy any day. As soon as I have decent pictures in the proper sunlight, you will see the following items:

  • Lavender Flower Bath Salts (mauve - light purple shade) - no scent (lavender flowers release the scent in warm/hot water).
  • Splash Bath Salts - (smells a bit like Dancing Waters from Bath and Body Works) - exotic ocean blue in color.
  • Baby Gir'ls Touch Bath Salts (light pink) - baby powder scent
  • Baby Boy's Touch Bath Salts (light blue) - baby powder scent

And possibly in a few weeks you may see another promotion around the corner...another promotion means more ways to save! Coupons! Discounts! Bundles!

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