Friday, July 26, 2013

Himalayan Salt and Sugar Scrub

For Sanity's Sake Presents:

Using this sugar scrub can help clean the skin's surface and unclog your pores, which helps with cell turnover.

Simply apply a handful of the Salt and Sugar Scrub to wet skin and massage in a circular motion over your body. After rinsing, all the dead skin cells and dirt will be removed and your skin will feel refreshed and healthy.

The Sea Salt will promote relaxation after a long day at the office and act like a detoxifier -removing the toxins from your skin. Coconut Oil makes your nails stronger and cuticles soft; it will keep the moisture in your skin. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt helps revitalize your body.

This product does not contain essential oils, as it already smells of coconut from the coconut oil.

Exfoliation is the key for glowing, healthy skin.


  1. Meredith, why must you keep making wonderfully tempting products?! I'm going to run out of room in my shower if this keep up. BUT I WANT IT...

    My practical side and my beauty obsessed side are at war.

    1. Haha! Thank you so much. I must say, this is probably my favorite one to make - doesn't take long and I have a nice natural subtle smell of coconut lingering around my house - and now bathroom.

  2. This stuff is ammmmmmmaaaaazzzzzzzing! my mother in law tried it and loves it as well. Totally purchasing this again.

  3. When I opened the little bag of scrub for the first time, my nose was treated to the delicious scent of coconut. I'm fairly certain I drooled a little. Even a few weeks later, it's one of my favorite things about the product; The way the soft coconut scent lingers on my skin after use, not too light, not too heavy. I love that. It also hangs around in my bathroom after a shower, but only until the steam dissipates. That's good for those of you who don't particularly like coconut (Me, I love it.).

    Even if it didn't have such a drool-worthy smell, I'd still be hooked on it. I was nervous about all the Himalayan Pink Sea Salt irritating my horribly sensitive skin, but truth be told, I think it actually helped calm the irritation instead of causing more! That right there warrants for some loud applause. Add in the fact that my skin feels smooth, moisturized and extra silky after using it and we've got ourselves a winner.

    Best of all you only need a little bit (about a tablespoon for my entire body). I did run into one small issue with the baggie, because when my hands are wet, it slips out of my grip. However, I just poured about a quarter of the bag into one of those little travel-sized jars, and now it's not a problem.